In the world of Medakor, players build teams of guardian creatures to battle each other for the right to move on to the Medakor championship of the Guardianverse. Everyone
wondered where the Guardians came from, until the portal was discovered. More portals started springing up and more Guardians came through.

Guardians were of different tribes such as Water, Fire, Psychic and Brawlers. Each had their unique abilities and as they came into contact with humans, the bond was created. The bond allowed humans to enhance those abilities. Now, the Guardians fight for their place on Earth as part of the Guardianverse. As their handlers, you can create the team that will rule them all.


Noises At Night

A pleasant night of mystery & deduction. Up to four detectives will face off to collect points while protecting their own identity.

A crashing noise in the kitchen, a tumbling sound in the attic, a scratch at the window; there is something odd going on in Grandpa's spooky house. It's up to Leo to solve the clues, and figure out the suspects in each room before the timer runs out. But beware it has been rumored that there are ghosts and monsters lurking in the night! 


BetaBotz is a bidding and negotiation game with a take-that element and virtually no player down time!

In the game you play as a Betabot with one goal - earn your way to the robot promised land of Robotopia! Bitz are the currency of the robot world and will allow you to purchase upgrades and negotiate with other players - but spend wisely, because these are also your victory points which will ultimately prove whether you are worthy to enter Robotopia.

Destiny Aurora: Renegades

Destiny Aurora: Renegades is a uniquely immersive sci-fi game where players control both dogfights in space while their away team performs a mission on the planet’s surface. Discover a universe of alien races and indigenous creatures as the story unfolds.  Customize your crew and your ship during this exciting and fast-paced campaign-based miniatures board game based on the successful book series.




The Refuge

The year is 2033.  No one really remembers what happened.  There were wars that lead to a chemical reaction.  People started transforming into undead looking creatures.  There were so many casualties, so many loved ones lost.  Is this the end of humanity? Things continued to get worse.  Nature was against us and started to collapse what was left of humanity.  The earth began to divide and shatter.  The last safe hint that I got was some sort of hidden refuge.  The last chance for humanity, the last refuge.  I heard that they had limited room due to shortage of supplies. So I must make it a priority to be the first to find the Last refuge.

Highlander: The Duel

They were born hundreds of years ago and are immortal. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one. Will it be Connor Macleod or The Kurgan!

Now, you can take on the role of Connor Macleod or The Kurgan in an epic duel!! This fast paced game tests your strategy and memory as you strategically draft Combat Cards and play them in special combinations to deal the most damage to your opponent. But watch out, your opponent may have unlocked their special abilities giving them an extra edge against you in combat. 

Do you have what it takes to take home the prize in this 2 player strategic card combat game? In the end there can be only one, will it be you?